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To be licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing. Inc., the artwork must go through a review process before being offered to the public. Other artist do not seek licensing nor is their artwork reviewed by the original constructor or their representatives. My guarantee is my signature and the knowledge that the artwork has passed a stringent review process and is authorized by those who know the cars best, The original manufacturer. Because of a need to concentrate resources on other things licensing with Carroll Shelby has not been renewed. Prints for these vehicles will no longer be sold at this time.The admiration for Carroll Shelby and his company remains and I am thankfully for the association.

Note from the Artist  

“The Americana Series” by the artist Rick Herron is a collection of artwork depicting classic and special interest American cars over a backdrop that tells a story about American life or places the car in front of famous American landmarks, events or monuments to American history.

Depicted are the most important cars that we or our parents grew up with. While some of us have had the opportunity to drive or even own these cars, for most of us it was a thrill just to read about them, see them perform at race tracks or to gaze at their images in magazines or at car shows. These automobiles are the best of America and forever a part of our heritage.

In this series I chosen to depict the cars of one of our most revered race car drivers and constructors, Carroll Shelby. He and his team carried the banner for America in challenging the Europeans at their own game on race tracks in the US and overseas with astounding results. It forever changed the view they had of American know how, technical knowledge and sheer doggedness in an arena they considered wholly their own. It also brought together the best minds and capabilities of Great Britain and the US.

It is an honor to have been granted licensing by Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc headquartered in Los Angeles the hub of the automotive world.

In this series “The Cars of Carroll Shelby” every few months a companion set will be introduced begriming with the Shelby Cobra “Daytona”Coupes™ Nos. 6 and 5, already available as prints. Following will be other images of 10" by 13.5" in size depicting the GT350™, GT500™. GT500KR™ and other COBRAs® and Shelby® cars.If a larger size is preferred feel free to contact me. A short history of the vehicle and background suitable for framing can also be requested with each print.

The Medium

Traditionally fine art has always had an experimental component but no more so than in the late 19th century and the whole of the 20th century. New art forms or ways of expression have burst onto the scene and been accepted by the public often long before the art establishment. Today there is a growing demand for digital art and fine examples of this new medium can be seen on the important art web sites of today. Well know traditional brush artists are beginning to create wonderful works using the computer.

The computer is now a fixture of everyday life and has also become the new medium for artistic expression in cinematography, animation and most recently, conventional reflective art. Though I continue to create works using hand brushed acrylics I thought it best to present this series as digital art because I am then able to represent the vehicle with incredible exactness while maintaining an ethereal quality in the backgrounds in some examples.

The time and work required to finish a digital painting is the same as that for traditional art and it also requires knowledge and training in the techniques used. It takes a lot of effort to master this new medium.

Even if you choose not to purchase a print or painting I hope you will enjoy the experience of viewing the images of some of your favorite cars whether they were done in acrylics or as digital art and your are welcomed to come back time and again to learn about them visually or historically in History of the Marques.

In Conclusion

Here is an opportunity to begin a collection of artwork depicting these important cars in American automotive history. You may want to purchase just one set or collect the whole series. They have been created to appeal to both men and women and can be hung in any room in the home or workplace.