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Acrylic Paintings

For availability contact-Rick Herron 310-822-8105 .

The actual Acrylic Paintings below have either been sold or are in a private collection.

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65 Mustang GT

Retired from the car show winners circlee. 22" by 17" Giclee from hand brushed acrylic.

Field Of Dreams

1956 Thunderbird at Sully Car Show. 22" by 17" Giclee from hand brushed acrylic.When my family moved back to Washington D. C. this was the car I most wanted. Later I had to make a choice, restore a chassis and body without interior or go to college.

Waiting For Its Owner

1967 Mustang GT parked in front of Jerry's Ford. 22" by 17" Giclee from hand brushed acrylic.

An Italian Bad Dream

For almost a decade and a half Scuderia Ferrari was winning most of the European races. American automobiles had never done very well in road and endurance racing in Europe until Carroll Shelby mated a small block and later a large block Ford engine to an AC Bristol Chassis. The result was that these Cobra, began to win consistently. Until the areodynamicly cleaner "Dyatona Coupe" won the world FIA sports car championship in 1965.

22" by 17" Giclee from hand brushed acrylic.

Another Sunrise

The Mazda is a company owned in part by Ford. The Miata was a return to the affordable sports car whose designers looked to the 60s Lotus Elan for inspiration.

22" by 17" Giclee from hand brushed acrylic.

Southwest Outlaw

The last of the big guns. Even the "Judge" had to go.

22" by 17" Giclee from hand brushed acrylic.

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