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Both the Avantin and the Voodoo (F101) set speed records in their time. the background represents the Bonneville Salt Flats and the individual by the car is Dick Vaux who piloted and F101 and owns the first production 1964 Avanti, which in its time was widely photographed. 22" by 17" Giclee from digital acrylic painting.

“An American In Cannes”

A 1964 Avanti is depicted in front of the Cannes Film Festival building in Cannes, France. Raymond Loewy was born in France and later became one of America's premier industrial designer credited with creating the Coca Cola bottle, the paint scheme for Air Force One and many other recognizable designs. His company was responsible for many Studebaker designs and when not in the US he and his family lived in southern France. 22" by 17" Giclee from digital acrylic painting.


The Avanti in the painting and on the cover of the 2005 AOAI Calendar belongs to Robert Proodian. Robert commissioned the artist's first painting depicting the same car, a 1964 Avanti, without a background.

For information on AOAI or a copy of the calendar contact

On June 6 through 12, 2004 Avanti and Studebaker held their annual meet in Charlotte, NC. A wonderful array of Studebakers and Avantis including some of the newer model Avantis were represented there. And the new 2005 AOAI (Avaniti Owners Association International) calendar was introduced. with the artwork "An American In Cannes" gracing its cover.

The Avanti in the painting and on the cover of the Calendar is a 1964 and belongs to Robert Proodian. I am not sure if the Avanti is considered a muscle car. It however established a speed record at the salt flats soon after its introduction reaching 172 mph. It was one of the fastest automobiles in its day

In the photo above left is the artist, Rick Herron signing a 2005 AOAI calendar for a customer. In the photo on the right, shown left to right are the artist, Rick Herron; Lewis Schucart, editor of AOAI magazine and creator of the calendar; Michael Baker president of AOAI and Don a member.

Raymond Loewy, one of America's premier designers, was born in France. He was the industrial designer responsible for the Lucky Strike package, the color combination for Air Force One, the Coca Cola design and many other designs we grew up with.

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